Media and Identity – 2016

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Master’s Program in Media Communications of The Ukrainian Catholic University

with the support of

May 20-21, 2016

is pleased it invite to

IV International Scholarly-Practical Conference

“Media and Identity”


Інформація українською

The conference theme: “War and Postwar”: Mental Map of Conflict Zones.

International conference “Media and identity” for the fourth year in a row gathers the best media theorists and journalists-practitioners to discuss how media influence people. How do media change in conditions of conflict? How the images of national identities are formed under the influence of manipulative propaganda media? What is the role media ethics in conflict? What are the ethical challenges faced by journalists in conflict conditions. Today these issues have not lost their relevance and require new perspectives and new solutions.

The conference aim – to draw the attention of the international scholarly community and media practitioners to the influence of the media on the modern identity formation.

During the conference we will discuss the following thematic areas:


Panel 1: Media influences and identity changes: the ethical dimension

Problems to discuss:

  • Media ethics VS social justice.
  • Information factors of contemporary identity.formation
  • Information hygiene or censorship, moral and ethical choices of a journalist.


Panel 2: The image of the enemy and technologies of propaganda

Problems to discuss:

  • Genesis of Russian propaganda.
  • Islamism and information campaigns.
  • The image of the enemy and influences of the formation of new identities.

 Program of Cinference:


  • Christians Clifford – Professor Emeritus in the field of media studies at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Topic: Ethics of human dignity in the world of new media

  • Yuliya Berezovska – CEO of the online publication “” (Paris, France)

Topic: Russian media, censorship and information hygiene

  • Anton Shekhovtsov – PhD in Political Science, editor of the “Explorations of theFar Right” book series ()

Topic: Challenges of Russian anti-Western information warfare (Austria)

  • Lada Roslytska – Director of Strategic Communications of teleinformation channel «Ukraine Today», international security expert, PhD (Canada)

  • Yevhen Fedchenko – Director of Mohyla School of Journalism, co-founder (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Topic: Plus ça change: Soviet “active measures” and contemporary Russian propaganda

  • Kristina Müür – researcher, PhD professor at University of Tartu (Estonia)

Topic: Ukrainian Government and Defence Forces as Targets of Russian Information Warfare

  • Volodymyr Sazonov – PhD in Historical Sciences, orientalist, professor at University of Tartu (Estonia)

Topic: The ideology of war, Islam and information campaign “Daesh”

  • Irena Chalupa – journalist, media expert and former editor of the Ukrainian edition of “Radio Liberty” (Washington, DC)

  • Andriy Kulakov – media experts, program director of “Internews Ukraine”
 Topic: A journalist, a citizen, an activist: boundaries of identities and responsibility challenges of ethical choice
  • Jutta Sommerbauer – reporter and editor at Die Presse, daily newspaper, Vienna

Topic: Conflict Coverage, Propaganda Traps, and how to avoid them