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Master’s Program in Media Communications of The Ukrainian Catholic University with the support of are pleased to announce a call for students’ projects for participation in the Third International Student Media Symposium’2016 Conflicts through Media: Challenges and Changes that will be held in Lviv, Ukraine on March 31 – 1 April 2016.


About SMS’2016: 

The Student Media Symposium (SMS) is intended to create a new academic platform for the exchange of ideas, projects and results of media research among young scholars, journalists and leading media experts from Ukraine and abroad at the School of Journalism of the Ukrainian Catholic University.

SMS’2016 includes two panels:

Media Сriticism “Media in the Conflict Area: Changes and Challenges”

Media Lab: “Visual Discourse of Conflicts”

The SMS will include a selection of applicants’ works, and presentation of research projects during the Symposium within given platforms, keynote speaker presentation, round tables, etc.

Priority topics of the media criticism panel “Media in the Conflict Area: Changes and Challenges”

  • Challenges for media during real/information warfare
  • Journalist in hot spots: professional standards
  • Media about conflicts: content and its verification
  • Propaganda, manipulation and hate speech in media. Ways of debunking
  • Storytelling of conflicts/war: glorification, taboos, moral and ethical dilemmas
  • Experience, practices/cases of disclosing the conflicts in the world’s media
  • Media literacy and media education in the context of information warfare: the new focus

Eligible for the contest are new projects within declared thematic areas in the following formats: monitoring articles, reviews, articles, media criticism analytics. Project languages: Ukrainian, Russian or English. The length of the project should be no more than 8-10 pages.

The best materials from media critical panel will be recommended for publication in specialized online-media of Ukraine.

During Media Lab “Visual Discourse of Conflicts” we expect a photo or documentary works directly or indirectly related to the topic of conflicts, war and peace, life in the zone of conflict and beyond, stories of individual characters, personal experiences. Our overseas applicants may present the experiences of their countries or their view of Ukraine.

Eligible for the contest are:

  • Photo stories with 1-2 pages narrative part;
  • Documentaries 5-10 minutes in length (with 1-2 pages narrative part) in DVD, MPEG, AVI formats. These works participants are going to present during the Media Symposium. Working languages – Ukrainian, Russian or English.

The most interesting materials from Media Lab will be published on the Media Symposium site.

Three participants from each panel will receive gifts from the organizers.

In order to participate in the Symposium one should mail to [email protected]:

1)   The project (text; photo story or documentary film along with narrative parts).

2)   Extended CV (it should include information about the education and professional experience of the prospective participant, as well as any scholarships, internships, publications, etc.; contact information; portfolio photo for SMS booklet.)

Requirements for the research papers:

  • The content of the article: general problem and its scholar and practical value, analysis of researches and publications, material presentation, justification of received results and findings.
  • Text editor: MS Word, pages A4 format (210х297 mm); page margins – left 3 cm, right 1,5 cm, top 2 cm, bottom 2 cm.
  • Text: typeface Times New Roman, size 14, spacing 1,5. References should be made according to example: [7, p. 19; 8, p. 237–238].
  • Line: 1st line – in the middle: the article title in uppercase (typeface 14, bold); two lines down – in the middle: the name and last name of the author (typeface 12, bold); two lines down – in the middle: full name of the educational establishment, organization, address, e-mail (typeface 12, bold), two lines down – abstract up to 20 words (typeface 12); two lines down – up to 10 keywords (typeface 12); two lines down – main content; in the end the list of used literature in alphabetical order according to bibliographical standards.

During SMS’2016 also is planned a lecture by the honorary keynote speaker of the Symposium and thematic round tables.

The deadline is March 7, 2016.

The results will be announced on March 10, 2016.

More detailed SMS’2016 program will be announced in the end of March 2016.

Working languages of SMS’2016: Ukrainian, Russian, and English.

Participation in SMS’2016 is free of charge.

The organizers of Media Symposium cover travel cost, accommodations and meals.

The Symposium will be held on March 31 – April 1 2016 in Lviv

Project Curator – Viktoriya Romaniuk, [email protected]

Project Coordinator – Mariya Tytarenko, [email protected]

Project Assistant – Iryna Sakivska, [email protected]

Project Manager– Veronika Ravska, [email protected]

Master’s Program in Media Communications at UCU

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